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The CESB Directory


2023 Directory of Accredited Engineering, Engineering Related and Technician Certification Programs.

There is interest in the engineering and technology professions and by consumers of the services provided by these professionals regarding voluntary certification of specialists in established disciplines and for other specialties for which no legal or universally-regarded credential exists. The 2023 Directory of Accredited Engineering, Engineering Related, and Technician Certification Programs provides a description of existing programs for persons interested in being certified and for those seeking an objective assessment of an “expert's” capability and competence.

The Directory has been regularly published since 1995 and is updated every year. All of the certification organizations listed in this Directory provided current information about their programs. In a few cases, the person(s) providing information did not know all of the information requested, or did not wish to provide all of the information requested. Missing information is noted as “na”, denoting that information was not available or not applicable.

Section One of the Directory provides information about the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB) which was created in 1990 by the engineering and technology communities. CESB is a self-sustaining, independent body which accredits certification programs organized and operated consistent with sound credentialling practices tailored to the needs of engineering and technology specialties.

Section Two presents a detailed description of the CESB-Accredited Engineering, Engineering Related, and Technician Certification Programs as of September 1, 2023. These descriptions include eligibility requirements, costs, examinations offered (including format, cost, and available study materials) and recertification procedures.

Section Three contains the Bylaws of CESB, Certification/Registration Standards Groups, Examination Development and Administration Services, Published Guidelines and Standards for Testing, and general Recommendations for Certification Program and Examination Development.

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